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Data Recovery

Come see us and go home Happy !!!!

Drive Wipe

To make sure all your Data is gone forever ........


See what others are saying about us ......

We Only Charge if we Recover

We Only Charge if we Recover ........

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When getting your data back really counts


  • NOW OPEN come see us at the Edgewood Shopping Plaza.
  • We are inside Daves Deals Outet Center
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"When Retrieving your data is critical" www.CrashedDrive.com is the place.

Computer crashed and you lost your Data?  Maybe not !!!!


CrashedDrive.com For all of your data recovery related needs

We know how critical losing data can be. They're not just computer files, usually it's your entire life or business, wrapped up inside a hard drive, floppy disk, external drive, digital camera media or other storage device. Don't lose those family pictures, resumes and letters. Don't trust anyone to get your files back choose CrashedDrive.com

Let CrashedDrive.com. get your information back NOW. Most people think when their hard drives crashes they have lost their information forever.  This is not always true, let us get your information back for you. The first thing to remember is not to panic.

You can be confident CrashedDrive.com will do everything possible to give you the best possible service, at a fair price. We have the tools needed to recover and locate information from:

  • Hard Drives
  • E-mails
  • Documents
  • Chat
  • Passwords
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • MS Word documents
  • And many other forms of data or media content

 CrashedDrive.com can determine whether data has been deleted or damaged. That information can be just as crucial to a pending case, business or individual as the actual data.

When you choose CrashedDrive.com  for data recovery services, you'll get personalized service tailored just for your needs. We work with imaged drives preserve the original drive for any possible evidence integrity.


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Drop off Your Computer at Daves Deals Outlet Center and let us do the rest


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